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designer // writer // strategist

Throughout my childhood, I penned copious renditions of Curious George. I wrote profusely — on bus rides home from school, during recess, and at the dinner table in my spaghetti-stained notebook. Offbeat character doodles, fantastical maps, and sketchy storyboards peppered the margins of my notes. Textual and visual languages had become my way of processing the world around me.


For as long as I can remember, I have always thought like a writer and designer. I’m drawn to probing at the human condition, crafting and ruthlessly dissecting story arcs, and challenging dominant narratives within the status quo. More specifically, I want to create compelling designs that are subtle, yet surprising in the way they engender theme and points of view. A climate change manifesto masked by the thrill of a murder mystery. An autonomous vehicle software that tickles your travel bug but covertly addresses gaps in empathy. It is through these visual and textual languages that I want to weave both the unexpected and the unfamiliar.

Specialties and Interests //

Writing (Fiction + Nonfiction), Service Design, Design Research & Strategy, Food Sustainability & Experience, Sustainability, Environmental Issues & Intersections, Social Justice, Consulting, Public Policy, Media, Traveling, Photography

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